EPAL: SAFETY FIRST now for chemical pallets too

EPAL: SAFETY FIRST now for chemical pallets too

EPAL – the largest quality assurance association for wooden load carriers in the world –is introducing quality-assured EPAL chemical pallets. Licences can now be requested from EPAL for quality-assured CP pallets.

Düsseldorf, 16th November 2017 – With the maxim “the chemistry is right”, the European Pallet Association e.V. (EPAL) is launching the independently quality-assured EPAL CP pallets at its press conference in Düsseldorf. This expands EPAL’s existing and highly successful load carrier portfolio with nine more quality-assured wooden load carriers in order to play a supporting role in the chemicals industry and elsewhere.

EPAL is applying its recognised and proven system of standardisation and independent quality assurance to the popular chemical pallets and in so doing, closes a gap in the chemical industry’s logistics chain.


In the past, price competition and the lack of independent quality assurance have often meant that chemical pallets have not met the requirements for the safe transport of chemical products. EPAL has often been asked by stakeholders of the chemicals industry, why there were no EPAL chemical pallets. EPAL is now satisfying this demand for safe chemical pallets.

From 1st January 2018, EPAL CP pallets produced in accordance with EPAL Technical Regulations will be available on the market. All EPAL CP pallets are treated in compliance with ISPM 15 standard and suitable for the international movement of goods.

The market launch will take place in all countries across the world in which EPAL-licenced pallets are produced and reconditioned/repaired.

Martin Leibrandt, CEO of EPAL, “I am pleased that EPAL has been able to satisfy user demand and add an important new component to the existing quality wooden load carrier offering. It is now up to users with their demand for EPAL CP pallets, to also count on independently tested quality, safety and sustainability in the chemical industry’s logistics chain.