"Snap the pallet" is back.

"Snap the pallet" is back.

After the great success in 2021/22, the second edition of the big EPAL photo competition SNAP THE PALLET will start on April 1, 2024. From now on and for 12 weeks, anyone can upload photos with EPAL palettes on the photo contest website and, with a bit of luck, win one of the 39 cash prizes.


Participating in the the contest is simple: take photos of EPAL pallets, upload them to the photo contest website (https://snapthepallet.epal-pallets.org) and, with a bit of luck, win one of the weekly cash prizes of 150.00 EUR or 50.00 EUR, or one of the main prizes of 1,500.00 EUR or 500.00 EUR in June 2024.

EPAL is looking for photos that show the diverse use or the special beauty of EPAL pallets, photos from logistics as well as photos from private everyday life.


Claudia Töller, General Manager of EPAL:

"All of us are familiar with EPAL Euro pallets, which are used as decoration or furniture. Sometimes for many years, sometimes only for a summer, before the pallets are then used again in logistics. We invite everyone to send us their most creative and original photos with EPAL pallets, as we would like to show the creative applications of EPAL pallets outside of logistics."


EPAL invites not only the more than 1,600 licensees of EPAL and their employees to participate in the competition, but also all people in all countries where EPAL pallets are used.


Diana Nebel, Managing Director of EPAL Italia:

"In the first photo contest in 2021/22, we received photos from more than 30 countries. Few photo contests are so international and create such a sense of community across national borders and continents. In logistics, it is normal that EPAL pallets are used as an important part of international supply chains in numerous countries, but to see this in our photo contest is a very special experience."


The international nature of the competition will be underlined by the selection of the main winners at EPAL's General Assembly on 28 June 2024 in Rome, with representatives from more than 20 countries.


Tatyana Sargsyan, Vice-President of EPAL:

"The members of the EPAL Board and the representatives of all EPAL national member associations are already looking forward to seeing the wide range of photos submitted. Anyone who has ever tried to photograph every EPAL Euro pallet that you see over the course of a week knows how diverse the life situations are in which you encounter EPAL pallets."


EPAL will inform the winners of the weekly prizes on a weekly basis and show the winning photos. All submitted photos will be published on the website of the photo contest (https://snapthepallet.epal-pallets.org). There are also many photos of the first photo contest to be seen.